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Where are Wetlands?

Written on: March 13th, 2017 in Outreach

Bald cypress wetland. Photo by Gary Cooke

Bald cypress wetland. Photo by Gary Cooke

So the saying goes that no matter where you are in Delaware, you are no more than a mile away from a wetland.

But exactly where are all the wetlands in the state, and how can you find out if you have them on your property? We have just the answer for you, our new Delaware Wetland Toolbox website:

This new site allows you to locate your property by inputting an address or GPS coordinates into an online mapping application. With this map, you gain access to all biological wetland locations across the state. (Heads Up:  Just because a wetland is mapped does not mean it is regulated by the State.  Only tidal wetlands and freshwater wetlands of 400 acres or more are regulated by the State.)

In addition to this mapping feature, you can also dig deeper into wetland knowledge by exploring the three key features to identifying wetlands, their benefits, the difference between tidal and nontidal wetlands, how you can help wetlands, and even gives you contacts for people if you have a specific question.

Discovering Wetlands cover

Discovering Wetlands, a helpful guide for finding wetlands on your property.

We have also rolled out a new Discovering Wetlands guide which is a handy checklist of clues for beginners that can be printed and taken with you to help identify wetlands in the field.   For those of you looking to build or purchase land in the near future, it even gives you a couple of tips that are sure to make your life a little easier.

If you already know that you have wetlands on your land, and want to make a bigger commitment, we have created the Wetland Protection Promise.  All you have to do is pledge to do three simple things such as disposing of trash in the proper location, volunteering at a planting or clean-up event, or to only plant native species.  In return for your commitment, you will receive a free Delaware Wetlands gift.  You even have the option of asking us (DNREC’s Wetland Monitoring & Assessment Program) to come to your property to give it a health check, and provide some feedback on how to improve the quality of your wetland.

We hope that these resources will help you better understand the wetlands in our State, and how they provide for us every day.  We encourage you to never stop learning about the world around you!